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The Legend of Zelda - Switch
Breath of the Wild

From $39.99


HALO 5 - Xbox One

From $17.99


Mario Kart 8 - Wii U

From $49.99


Dragon Ball - PS4
Xenoverse 2  

From $49.99

Tom Clancy's Ghost - PS4
Recon Wildlands Deluxe

From $39.99


Mario Kart 8 - Switch

From $39.99


Super Smash Bros - Wii U

From $39.99


Call of Duty - Xbox One
Advanced Warfare  

From $7.99




Featured Trade

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (PS4 & Xbox One)

Quite possibly our favorite title from the Tom Clancy collection is back with a bang, pun intended. This has to be the most versatile iteration of the Ghost Recon series, as it seemingly caters to all types of FPS fans. From run-and-gunners to stealth connoisseurs, Ghost Recon Wildlands has the adaptive mechanisms to both challenge and reward all types of players. Possibly the first time ever, the ability to pilot vehicles was a much needed and now appreciated addition to the series. So much content, entirely new to the Ghost Recon series, has been added to this release. From unlockable content to soldier-class creation, customizable outfits, to the open-world exploration abilities, gamers may find many distractions from the main story line. Some may feel nostalgic for the loss of the familiar dynamics and almost robot-like player movements of the past, but the addition of online co-op will more than make up for it. It might seem like it, but if Ubisoft has in fact “borrowed” from Grand Theft Auto, Far Cry, or Just Cause, we’re more than happy to look the other way and enjoy the bounty of new features.

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